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Set Up A Project

Manage Your Website
  • N/A N/A Select The Web Theme ** updated **
    In FusionHQ, we do not allow the users to create their own webtheme. However, we have arranged some beautiful webthemes for you to use with your websites.
  • VDO N/A Google Analytic Code ** updated **
    Google Analytic Code helps you to know the insight of the visitors. It tracks the traffic of your website and the visitor's behavior eg. their location, the browser they are using or even what time of the day that you get the best traffic.
  • N/A N/A Change The Start Page ** updated **
    The Start Page is the first page that people will see when they open your URL. Changing the start page of your website is easy to do. Only 3 steps.
  • VDO N/A Upload A Media File (CDN) ** updated **
    Content Delivery Network or CDN is a feature which allows you to upload your media files eg. .mp3, .mp4 or even the pdf file into the media could server.

Customize Your Page
  • VDO N/A Drag and Drop Editor ** updated **
    Drag & Drop Editor can be found in the Sales Funnels & Content Site components. It's the tool for you to customize your page.
  • N/A N/A Paste Your Text ** updated **
    Text is the important part of your website or your squeeze page. Good text impresses the reader and convinces them to sign up or register to your website
  • VDO N/A Create Link On Your Page (Text Link, Image Link & Anchor Link) ** updated **
    Hyperlink function takes the important role in SEO because it could help to increase the traffic of your website.
  • VDO N/A Use A Video Background ** updated **
    The video background is more and more popular in web design nowadays as it connects to the site visitors better than plain text.
  • VDO N/A Delay & Auto Remove The Element ** updated **
    Each element in the drag and drop editor can be time released, which means that it can appear or disappear at a specific time.
  • VDO N/A A & B Split Testing ** updated **
    For internet marketing, split testing is to experiment the behaviour of the site visitors by using two variants or 2 versions of the website and see which version has the best conversion rate.
  • VDO N/A Change The URL Of The Page ** updated **
    Link or url of you page is always generated from the page name by default. However, you can change it anytime with only a few steps.
  • N/A N/A How To Use The Download Link Button
    Add downloads to your sales funnel or sites.
  • VDO N/A Display A YouTube Video
    Easily attach videos from YouTube
  • VDO N/A Display The Video On Your Page
    Learn how to insert a video into your page

Sell Your Products
  • VDO N/A Free Trial & Paid Trial ** updated **
    Free trial and paid trial can be used only with the subscription payment option (either recurring or installments). You cannot find this option if the payment is Buy Once.
  • N/A N/A Test Mode ** updated **
    Test Mode is the option to automatically convert the actual price of your product to $0.1 so that you can test the entire sale flow by yourself to check if it works correctly or the way you want or not
  • VDO N/A Use Paypal Payment ** updated **
    Paypal is the most popular payment gateway for online shopping. Your customers can also use their credit card to pay through Paypal.
  • VDO N/A Create A Product ** updated **
    Product is a good, service or anything that you would like to offer to the customers or market. It could be cosmetics, jewelries, online courses, e-books or services. You need to set up the product correctly before you create the sale page.
  • N/A N/A Price Set Up ** updated **
    Once your product is created, now it's time to set up a price for your product. A product can have as many prices as you want. If your product is free, you do not need to set up any price. If you need to pay tax, you need to include tax into the price.
  • VDO N/A Sales Funnel
    Sales funnels are essentially a dedicated webpage or website that is designed for the purposes of capturing the customer’s name and email address.
  • VDO N/A Create A Simple Sale Funnel
    Here's how you can create a very simple sales funnel.
  • VDO N/A How To Create An OTO Page
    Learn how to create a one time offer page.
  • VDO N/A Upsell
    Learn how to create upsell pages
  • VDO N/A Downsell
    Here's how you can create a downsell page.
  • VDO N/A Send The Thank You Message
    How to send a thank you message to your customers after purchase.
  • VDO N/A How To Create A Coupon Code
    Create coupons for product discounts.

Membership Site & Members

Lead Capture & Automate Your Emails
  • VDO N/A Create An Opt-In Page (Squeeze Page) ** updated **
    The optin page is used to get your customers' details, such as first name, last name and email address.
  • VDO N/A Create A New Mailing List ** updated **
    The mailing list is used to record the email address, first name and other details you desire of your subscribers.
  • N/A N/A Import The Subscribers list (SMTP) ** updated **
    Subscribers are important because they are group of people who are eger to get contacted by you in order to get the news updated of your products or website.
  • VDO N/A Broadcast An Email ** updated **
    Broadcast Email is a function to send an email message to the subscribers in multiple mailing lists. This is the best way to contact your subscribers at the same time with only one email content.
  • VDO N/A Automated Email Series ** updated **
    The different between the broadcast email & automated email series is the broadcast email is only one time message sent to all current subscribers in the selected lists whereas the automated email series is the pre-written email messages sent in the sequence order to one list only.
  • VDO N/A Email Funnels (Behavior Emails) ** updated **
    The purpose of the Email Funnel is to let you filter the subscribers from multiple lists and send them the proper email messages according to their behavior.
  • VDO N/A Add A New Subscriber Manually ** updated **
    FusionHQ allows you to add a new individual subscriber to your mailing list manually.
  • N/A N/A HTML Webform ** updated **
    Webform is used to capture the firstname & email of the customers and it can be used with any landing page, either inside or outside FusionHQ.
  • N/A N/A Use Aweber Mailer ** updated **
    FusionHQ have integrated its mailing system with Aweber so that you can add the new subscribers to both providers immediately with one optin.
  • N/A N/A Use Mailchimp Mailer ** updated **
    FusionHQ have also integrated with Mailchimp so you can add the subscribers to your Mailchimp mailing list when they opt-in through your FusionHQ website. No code needed.
  • N/A N/A Use iContact Mailer ** updated **
    iContact is another autoresponder provider which FusionHQ has already integrated. So you can add the subscribers to your mailing list in both FusionHQ & iContact at the same time with only one opt in.
  • N/A N/A Use Getresponse Mailer ** updated **
    FusionHQ have also integrated with Getresponse so you can add the subscribers to your Mailchimp mailing list when they opt-in through your FusionHQ website. No code needed.
  • N/A N/A Use Infusionsoft Mailer ** updated **
    Infusionsoft is the CRM software which FusionHQ has already integrated its mailer system so you can add the subscribers to your Infusionsoft mailing list when they opt-in through your FusionHQ website. No code needed.
  • VDO N/A Export The Subscriber's List
    How to export the subscriber's list
  • VDO N/A How To Setup Filters in the Mailing List
    How To Setup Filters in the Mailing List
  • VDO N/A How To Give Away A Free Product After Your Customers Opt-in
    If you want to give a free gift to your subscribers after they opt in then here's how.
  • VDO N/A Send Login Details Through Automated Emails
    Another way to send login details to your subscribers.
  • VDO N/A Send Login Details from Product Section
    Another way to send login information

  • N/A N/A Add An Existing Domain (FusionHQ Hosting & External Hosting) ** new **
    If you already have a domain and want to use it with your website, no worries, FusionHQ allows you to use your own preferred domain even if you bought it from somewhere else.
  • N/A N/A Use A Shared Domain ** new **
    Free subdomain is the shared domain from FusionHQ system which you can create a subdomain from and use with your website.
  • VDO N/A Create An Email Account ** updated **
    Easy way to create an email account on domains hosted in FHQ.

Promote Your Campaign

Get More Traffic
  • N/A N/A Use A Pop Up Page ** updated **
    Pop up pages can appear each time a person visits or exits your site.

FusionHQ Knowledge Base

Setting Up Your Account

Managing Your Websites

Using Drag & Drop Editor

Creating Products And Payments

Creating the Sales Funnels

Creating The Membership Sites

Managing Your Members

Opt-in Forms And Mailing Lists

Broadcasting The Autoresponder Messages

Domains, Hosting & FusionHQ CDN

Building The Affiliate Campaigns

Making A Project and FusionBox
  • N/A N/A How to Create A Project (FusionHQ Newbies) ** new **
    If you are new to FusionHQ and do not know where to start, we will highly recommend to start with the EBB (Easy Business Builder) or Project.
  • VDO PDF How to Add the Team Member to Your Project
    You can set up a project and then add people as the team members so you can allow them to access some part of your project so that you can work together.
  • VDO PDF How to Export A Project (FusionBox)
    You can give your project to other FusionHQ members so that they can customize it and use it in their own FusionHQ account
  • VDO PDF How to Import A Project (FusionBox)
    At this moment, you can have a project which is exported by other FusionHQ member accounts. Make sure that you already get the FusionBox key or url from the exporter.

Using Template Editor (New Version)

FusionHQ Plug-ins & Applications

Webinar Replays
  • VDO N/A Day 1: Affiliate Marketing (3 Ways in 3 Days Replay)
    Teaching affiliate marketing, talking about platforms to use, then a demo using FusionHQ. showing how easy it can be - without any coding. A great call to watch if you want a compact training from beginning to end on affiliate marketing.
  • VDO N/A Day 2: Product Owner (3 Ways in 3 Days Replay)
    Teaching how to become an information marketer, all the theory then a practical on how to easily do it in FusionHQ. We'll also show off our questionnaire system that allows anyone to build an entire online business (by following a simple process).
  • VDO N/A Day 3: Cyber Landlording (3 Ways in 3 Days Replay)
    This is the icing on the cake, ranking local websites on page 1 of google (eg. dentist Florida), renting them out for a monthly fee, then upselling the business for Google places.
  • VDO N/A Affiliate Marketing: Part 1 (The Foundation)
    Bonus webinar 1.Covers the theory behind affiliate marketing including the niche research, types of affiliate programs to promote and setting up an affiliate marketing business model.
  • VDO PDF Affiliate Marketing: Part 2 (The Action)
    Bonus webinar 2. A practical look at building an affiliate marketing business using FusionHQ including setting up a squeeze page, authority/review site and an autoresponder. See what to do and how to do it.
  • VDO PDF Affiliate Marketing: Part 3 (The Traffic)
    Bonus webinar 3. A look at tweaking the affiliate sites, and then how to drive traffic to them. (Use this information for your product sites too.) This completes the affiliate marketing training.
  • VDO PDF Information Marketing: Part 1 (The Foundation)
    Bonus webinar 4. The theory and business models to becoming a product owner. How to design you business and plan for success.
  • VDO PDF Information Marketing: Part 2 (The Action)
    Bonus webinar 5. Getting practical with a step by step look at creating an information business in FusionHQ. This includes setting up a sales funnel, a membership site and an affiliate program.
  • VDO PDF Information Marketing: Part 3 (Affiliate Traffic)
    Bonus webinar 6. A quick overview of some refinements from the previous call and a detailed look at how to run an affiliate program (including researching and managing affiliates and fine tuning the options in the FusionHQ affiliate system).
  • VDO PDF Cyber Landlording: Part 1 (The Theory)
    Bonus webinar 7. An overview of the cyber landlording business model, perhaps one of the most exciting business models currently online. This call looks at what it is, what to do and why the potential is so exciting.
  • VDO PDF Cyber Landlording: Part 2 (The Practical)
    Bonus webinar 8. A step by step look at setting up the sites inside of FusionHQ and how to make the most of the bulk sites feature that makes this business model so scalable.
  • VDO PDF Cyber Landlording: Part 3 (Back Linking)
    Bonus webinar 9. A detailed look at different methods to getting sites backlinked, a warning on what not to do, and suggestions on getting this essential step outsourced.
  • VDO N/A Making Custom Templates (How To)
    Bonus recording. Special training on building your own template from scratch using the FusionHQ template builder. No coding skills needed. Also watch this video for more detailed understanding on how to modify an existing template.
  • VDO PDF Copywriting
    Special webinar on how to write copy that converts for the web. A look at all the major psychological processes, tricks and tips used by marketers to turn prospects into customers.
  • VDO PDF Membership Sites
    This call expands on the membership information covered in day 2 of the Information Marketing webinars. You will learn how to position and market your membership site, and how to manage it from within FusionHQ.