What exactly is FusionHQ?

FusionHQ is a complete online business platform that allows you to build your entire online business from sales funnels and membership sites to building your list and promoting affiliate offers.

The idea is that everything is in one central, easy to manage location allowing you to grow your business without having to keep investing in new scripts, software or services.

What exactly is FusionBox?

FusionBox is a complete business installation technology. It allows the users to choose (or create) an entire business template and install it in 60 seconds.

FusionBox creates a new project, sets up the sales funnels, membership sites, affiliate program, mailing lists, autoresponder sequences and all of the page layouts for a given project. It connects, configures and uploads everything.

That means all you need to do is go through and add in your sales copy or content.

We have never seen anything else quite like this. What used to take us 2-3 weeks to setup using other systems can now be done by anyone in under 1 minute.

Unlike other 'templated' systems everything is fully editable and customizable. From the templates, to the sales flows, from the products to the affiliate settings. Use everything from 'out of the box' or tweak it to suit your personal needs.

As an extension to the business templates we now also have Business in a Box. These are complete businesses that also include the actual product, sales copy and an affiliate backend for different niche businesses.

FusionBox will customize the sales copy, email messages and affiliate program to use your name, PayPal address, affiliate links and any other variables required.

All in 60 seconds.

Is FusionHQ suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. It has been designed to remove the entire technical headache involved in setting up internet marketing sites.

An easy to use drag and drop interface makes this the easiest system to use that we know of to date.

Usually you need to integrate, setup and login into multiple scripts, software or services. Not with FusionHQ.

Nothing is faster or easier to use.

Is FusionHQ flexible enough for more advanced users?

For sure. It was built to meet the demands of internet marketing.

You can customize your sales funnels exactly as you want them, edit pages as you want them, insert custom code, upload unique templates, build sites, integrate with third party providers, etc...

FusionHQ is not a cookie cutter software. It is designed to be as flexible as your ideas.

Do I need to use your hosting?

Certainly not.

FusionHQ does include a cloud server option for those who want it, but you are free to use whichever hosting provider you want. No restrictions.

If you want you can use our hosting for some projects, use different hosting for others. Mix and match to suit your business needs.

Can I access my files?

Of course. They're yours.

When you build a sales flow, content site or membership site you can either 1 click upload to your (or our) server, or you can choose to export all the files as a .zip file. These can then be edited and manually uploaded via FTP if you prefer. (Maximum flexibility is important for our advanced users)

Can I use my own templates?


We try to make this as easy as possible. Any of the templates we provide can be downloaded. You can then edit them (the html layout, images and css file) and re-upload them for use in your site.

Or you can use our own inbuilt template editor and design your own templates, or edit one of the default designs.

These custom templates will only appear in your account, so you do not need to worry about other people seeing or using your designs.

Can I use my current autoresponder?

Yes, certainly. While we do have our own inbuilt autoresponder we also support codeless integration with all of the major autoresonder services (iContact, GetResponse, Aweber, ImnicaMail, 1ShoppingCart, etc...).
For those not supported you can still use them, by pasting the optin form code onto the page in one of our drag and drop custom code boxes. Easy.

Can FusionHQ time release content?


You can use time-release content for micro continuity sites (drip feed membership sites), or for your launch sequence (to create those perpetual launch sites you keep hearing so much about these days).

Pages can be released after a set numbers of days, weeks, months or even years. Or if you prefer you can schedule release on a specific date, great for live trainings or launches.

Are FusionHQ sites compatible with all browsers?

Almost. It is virtually impossible to be 100% compatible with every browser. However we work to make sure all sites created by FusionHQ reach the latest guidelines while be as backward compatible as possible. (Did you know, 17.5% of the world's population still use IE6?)

Our developers work hard on compatibility so you don't have to.

Can I use FusionHQ to launch my own products?

This is what FusionHQ was originally designed for (though it can do so much more now).

The headache of coding upsell / downsell processes is now a thing of the past. And with FusionHQ's site architecture there is nothing more stable for launching a product. (And yes, it is tried and tested on major traffic.)

Whether you sell your products through ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net or 1ShoppingCart you can use FusionHQ to manage your entire sales funnel.

Can I use FusionHQ to promote affiliate products or CPA offers?

Yes. This is the natural progression for many product owners (so they can maximize their backend), and a starting point for many newbies.

Build SEO optimized sites with FusionHQ's site builder and make review sites, add offers on thank you pages, setup redirects through your affiliate link or add offers into the autoresponder.

Promoting other people's products has never been easier.

How many sites can I build in FusionHQ?

It depends on your package. But with Pro and Extreme account you can build as many as you like. FusionHQ is designed to allow you to build and scale your business (not restrict it).

There are NO additional charges to building as many sales flows, content sites or membership sites as you like. (And you can have an unlimited number of members, affiliates and affiliate campaigns too.) Build your business the way you want it.

Are FusionHQ sites SEO optimized?

Yes. We ensure that the coding and URL structures are optimized for search engines.

Editing meta data is a breeze, the rest (content and back-linking) are up to you...

We know of sites that have been transferred from WordPress to the FusionHQ platform, and continue to rank just as well.

Can I use external scripts with FusionHQ?

This is a hard one to answer as there are so many different types of scripts, and different ways to integrate.

We have tried to make the answer yes as much as possible. We have a drag and drop custom code tool that allows you to add code blocks into pages.

Almost all HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript code will work without any problems. 

Is FusionHQ stable?

There have been many "complete solutions" and scripts out there that cause more headaches than they solve.

We won't lie to you, NOTHING is bullet proof. Anyone who claims otherwise is either trying to trick you or simply doesn't understand programming.

All code (of any size) has bugs. This is the simple reality of software. However...

We work very hard to ensure all critical bugs are removed to ensure the stability of your sites, and so that the FusionHQ system is a pleasure to use.

FusionHQ has been in public use since 2009 and has proven its stability.

The platform has been used by marketers who have generated anything from a few dollars to over 7 figures. Some have membership sites with 1000's of customers. It has been used to provide the backend to TV advertising campaigns and major JV launch traffic.

Is there any training on how to use FusionHQ?

Yes. We have many videos and PDF tutorials to help you get started and use the FusionHQ system.

We are always adding new features and so constantly producing new training videos.

There are also several independent sites now offering their own FusionHQ training too, most of which is free.

Do you offer support?

Yes. Don't worry, you won't be pushed into some community group to rely on peer assistance. We have a dedicated support team to help you with any questions.

We aim to have all questions answered within 12-24 hours, though occasionally technical questions may take a little longer (but not much).

In the near future we plan to have a 24 hour hot line to ensure you never have to wait to get your questions answered.

Who is behind FusionHQ?

The FusionHQ team are niche marketers and affiliate marketers, and so understand the needs of marketers.

Even our programming team are trained in internet marketing so they can think like a marketer when developing the system.

FusionHQ was developed for use by Leon Jay, the CEO. Leon has been the Director of Marketing for Mark Joyner, set up affiliate programs that generate over a million dollars per year and been behind launches that have generated 7 figures in 7 days.

The FusionHQ programming team is highly skilled and constantly expanding, always working to bring new features and ideas to an already robust platform. Everyone at FusionHQ is passionate about the software, as you will see when you use it.

Is there a setup fee?

No. It is an instant digital account and so requires no manual setup. Therefore there is no reason to charge such a fee.

Will I have to pay for future updates?

No. All future updates to FusionHQ are automatic and free.

We spend thousands of dollars every week to ensure FusionHQ is the best it can be. You will benefit from our investment at no additional cost.

Do I need to buy my domain names from you?

Absolutely not.

FusionHQ provides a domain name registration service ($10/year for .com, .net, ,org and .info domains) simply to make your life easier.

If you prefer to register with another provider, or use existing domain names you already own then this is no problem at all.

Do I need to install anything?

No. The core system is held on our servers, so there is nothing to install, and nothing to update (we take care of that).

Just create an account and you are ready to go.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy?

Of course.

If you are ever unhappy with FusionHQ for any reason simply say so within 30 days to receive a fast, courteous, no questions asked refund.

Is there an affiliate program?


Find out more about the FusionHQ affiliate program here. Thee are a whole range of tools to promote with and it's a great way to build up a nice recurring income.